Parent Information
Firefly Kindergarten

Beginning Years is an Early Childhood Learning Center.  We are committed to teaching and nurturing through many avenues.  Our teachers further their education by taking classes each year that pertain to their particular age group.  Children learn in so many areas every day.  Through weekly themes they will be introduced to concepts in math, science, social studies, reading, writing, music, art and social skills.  We work to prepare your child for a smooth transition into the public schools.  Academic teaching even begins in our youngest classes with color recognition, counting, sorting, reciting ABC's, learning rhymes, hand-eye coordination, small motor, listening and social skills.

In addition, being a Christian Center, your child will be daily immersed in God's Word and His love.  Teaching social skills and moral truths will help to prepare them to work within their classroom "family".  Prayer, bible songs, stories and devotions are part of every day.