Parent Information
Firefly Kindergarten

At Beginning Years we seek to provide an environment that the After-School children will find emotionally safe, comfortable, engaging and fun.  We offer an atmosphere where the children can unwind from their school day and have opportunities to develop social skills by participating in conversations, group games and activities.  We will always encourage children to try new things and have fun.  Our goal is that the children in the program will learn confidence, respect, problem-solving skills, self- discipline and compassion for others.

Each day children have opportunities to participate in STEM:  maker station engineering... ART: easel painting, scrap-booking, lettering, model magic, mosaics and more... GAMES: chess, the Allowance Game (a Monopoly type game), various card and board games, air-hockey, soccer, kickball, baseball, jump-rope games, etc. ...IMAGINATIVE PLAY: puppets, castle dress up, Polly Pockets, pirates, Barbies... BUILDING: Legos, Magformers, blocks, Lincoln Logs, etc...and LIBRARY:  an extensive leveled reading library with reading incentives and comfortable furniture !  We also offer time for homework and help if needed so busy parents have more free time in their evenings.

Our summers are full of fun and learning in our full day program.  Science exploration (on-site and off), grade-level academics, sports and art enrichment are a part of each day.  We also do community service projects and field trips each week that are related to our theme.