Parent Information
Firefly Kindergarten

Four year olds, when taught and challenged, explode with new language, deeper thoughts and better listening skills.  Our circle times are longer so each child can participate in discussions about the weather, their weekend, the weekly theme, bible stories and devotions.  Your little ones will be encouraged to tell more as they grow in confidence speaking and knowing that they are accepted and valued by their teacher and classmates.

Deep friendships are formed this year as language, listening and social skills grow.  Cooperation, sharing, working on a common goal and problem solving are practiced in the block center as teams construct and create.  Our dramatic play center is another area to see the children growing in social-emotional development and creativity.  The children are taught and guided daily to love as God loves us.  A main goal in this class is development of the Fruits of the Spirit:  love, joy, peace, patience, goodness, kindness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.

Bible songs, stories, devotions, applications and prayer are taught daily.  Children have the opportunity to pray for their families, friends, needs and thanksgiving.  Listening to and praying for each other builds bonds of caring.  Another major theme this year is "God made you unique and special" and acceptance of others.

Small motor skills are increased through strengthening activities, play dough, clothes pins, tongs for sorting, lacing and beading.  As little fingers get stronger, practicing writing letters is more fun.  We use Handwriting Without Tears, the same program that the Boise School District uses.  Mat Man alphabet and shapes are also a part of this program.  Children learn together through the interactive Leap Frog Math and Phonics activities.  Daily learning centers include sequencing, sorting, grouping, sizes, shapes, colors, counting, patterning, matching, mazes and puzzles.  They leave this class well prepared and excited to continue learning in Kindergarten.