Parent Information
Firefly Kindergarten

The children in this class are ready for more academic challenges.  Their language skills have developed greatly and with better communication they are forming friendships based on their social interaction.  Working things out, sharing, taking turns and showing respect are all encouraged throughout the day.  Teachers help the children with words to use to express their feelings.  Their imaginative play goes deeper and to more complex levels.  It is so exciting to see their growth this year. 

With language growth comes the love of rhyme and sounds so this is the year we introduce Preschool Zoo Phonics.  This program is used (in the Kindergarten form) in the Boise School District.  It is a fun and interactive way for children to learn letters and phonics. 

Outside on the playground the children can climb the dome, ride trikes, slide and play on the structure, shoot basketballs, jump rope, play soccer, dig in the sandbox or play house.  It's also a time to find bugs and butterflies and work at the science table. 

Our weekly themes bring new lessons, science, math, arts & crafts and great books and dramatic play experiences.           

The children work in learning centers throughout the day, rotating in small groups, with lots of small manipulative and learning toys and activities.  Circle times include lively music & movement and also thematic and academic teaching.              

All children are encouraged to participate in discussions and voice their thoughts and opinions.  Bible stories, devotions and prayer are also part of the daily routine.