Parent Information
Firefly Kindergarten

Our little class of one year olds quickly becomes a family of "brothers and sisters" sitting together for story time, laughing as they pop bubbles, learning table skills at lunch and snack times, and taking turns going down the stairs for outside recess where they can push shopping carts, play in the sandbox and go down slides. 

Their day is filled with music and movement learning through following directions as they dance with scarves, play with rhythm sticks and shake the shakers to the beat.  Finger-plays, action rhymes, songs and story books teach language, colors and early math concepts.  Art is experiential with lots of finger painting, brush, ball and even truck painting.  There are opportunities for small manipulative play with a variety of toys and puzzles.  Learning to help, share and cooperate are also a part of each day.

This is the year for nurturing, cuddling, floor play, learning to trust and lots of love.